Monday, January 30, 2012


As I was driving into work today I found myself feeling blue. I wasn't ready to start another week knowing that I am scheduled to work this weekend as well.  I could not bear to face the day with a poor attitude--so what's a girl to do??  Listen to Dean Martin of course!

Ahhhhhh, Dino!  More effective than Prozac in my book.  I plugged my iPhone into my car and I rocked out to the most fantastic crooner to grace this earth.  I enjoyed myself so much that I continued the Dino-fest at my desk.  I knew that iPod clock dock would be a good investment (even if it doesn't compliment the retro decor of my desk).

I love you Dino!  Thanks for saving the day!

I leave you with two of my favorite songs. 

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Discovering the Dynamic Duo

I am so happy to report that he Handsome Devil Duo has discovered the Dynamic Duo!  Ladies and gents let me assure you that this is no small feat.  Since moving to Happy Camper Farms six years ago, we have elected to not have TV service.  When the signal went digital we were able to pick up PBS and only PBS.  Now there are also three channels of the most fantastic programming beaming into our family room- on most days.  Dick Van Dyke, MASH, I love Lucy and the most coveted...Batman

Saturday night has become a complete cheese-fest!  The Handsome Devil Duo absolutely love it, even though they preface every comment with "It's sooooo corny!".  Tonight they even decided to invite the boys from across the road over to watch.  I am not so sure the neighbor boys shared in the delight of vintage Gotham.

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure

Friday, January 27, 2012

Drive-In Dreaming

I am a huge fan of old school drive-in restaurants. When I was a kid my grandparents owned the Merri-man drive-in located just outside of Detroit. I would spend summer days there watering the flowers, and making homemade cookies and noodles with my grandmother. Of course, I would need to refuel myself by eating the best hot dogs and hand dipped ice cream cones!
Needless to say, I feel obligated to try every drive-in restaurant I happen upon. Most of the time the food is mediocre at best. What I typically label as Gordon Food Service eats. You know, previously frozen only requiring a microwave or a deep fryer to be passed off as real food.
So when I found the Minnetonka Drive-In, my expectations were quite low. I had passed by several times, as my in-laws live nearby, but had always been on a schedule and unable to stop. I was drawn to the architecture of the long, low slung awning. I found myself yearning to go on a Thursday night when they have their weekly gathering of the local vintage car club.
We finally took the plunge and stopped in for lunch one sunny afternoon. There is no inside seating and with the temperature just shy of 95 degrees we elected to sit on a picnic table in the shade as opposed to our car. Now, if we had a fantastic 1950's convertible--well, we would have stayed in the car!
We ordered through the microphone on the large order board located in the picnic area. Chili dogs for Daddy-o, Handsome Devil #1 and myself. Handsome Devil #2 ordered the chicken drummies with barbecue sauce. A round of root beer for all, and a large order of onion rings for the table. The food arrived in paper "boats" pretty typical of drive-in joints. However, on further inspection this food appeared different. You could see the herbs and spices in the batter that coated the onion rings. The chili was obviously from scratch and the barbecue sauce far better than any from a bottle. We were in heaven!
This had been the combo I so wished for; the atmosphere of a local drive-in with food that was crafted on site by folks who wanted their customers to be happy. All of a sudden I was twelve again in the kitchen with my grandma, using the bottom of a knobby water glass to get the texture just right on the top of what would be the best-ever peanut butter cookies.
The Minnetonka Drive-In is located in Spring Hill, Minnesota and is open March through October.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Setting the Bar

I found this midcentury bar on craigslist several years ago. I fell in love with the simple lines and absolutely adore the design on the mirror!
We have been putting the bar to good use as of late, mixing up martini's and a fantastic duo of Vernor's Ginger Ale and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Cheers!