Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fantastic Finds

Daddy-o and I finally had a day off together on Friday and decided to spend it checking out all of the thrift shops and antiques stores. Here are some of the treasures we came home with.

This is a darling little martini set.  The glasses and shaker are rimmed in silver.  I just couldn't resist the You, Me and Ours script!

We accidentally stumbled on this great velvet tiki painting.  We were waiting in a very slow moving line at Goodwill and someone had abandoned this beauty on a shelf near the checkout.  The aqua and coral colors of this painting will go great with some of our other vintage goodies!

This little lamp was also a Goodwill find.  Boy was it filthy!  I could spot the diamond beneath the dirt.  Here she is all cleaned up and awaiting new wiring.  The nut that holds the socket to the lamp base is very rusty and will not come undone.  I think this will have to see a hacksaw or some other implement of destruction.  I hope she makes it through! 

A great little teal lamp.  Perfect for the bedside.  Great shape, great color.  Now to find the perfect shade to go with...

You may not know this but...I am a sucker for travel souvenirs.  I think that may have something to do with the whole Airstream Travel Trailer wanderlust phenomenon. This is an ashtray with a Michigan travel theme.  Judging by the sticker on the bottom, it was purchased at Castle Rock in St. Ignace, Michigan.
And last, but not least, a lovely teal footed bowl.  I have no idea who the maker is or how old this is but I liked so...sold!  The bottom is marked USA 262F.  If anyone has any ideas as to the manufacturer, please let me know.  Thanks!

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

"Let the good times roll"
Daddy-O had the brilliant idea to visit the local cajun eatery this evening to celebrate Fat Tuesday.  We headed over early in hopes to avoid crowds.  We arrived around 4:45 to several parties already waiting.  After waiting 25 minutes we were seated.  The place was packed! 

Our hostess & proprietor, Terry

Chef Don put on a fantastic buffet with all the fixins.  There was some fun live music and of course the beads were a flyin'!

I love this place.  Perhaps it's a sign that we eat out far too much but I have to admit...the staff knows us by name.  Actually if you pay attention, they seem to know most of the patrons by name.  It may just be that we live in a pretty small town without a ton of places to eat out.  Either way, the staff is fantastically attentive.

I hadn't planned to be celebrating so I did not wear the requisite Mardi Gras colors of Purple, Gold and Green.  My cotton-candy pink Jackie-O double breasted jacket would just have to do!

No private tables!  Community seating only...that's the way to go!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Footstool

While shopping at the local hardware store I spotted some interesting furniture parts.  The medium sized tapered legs caught my eye and made me think...Hmmmm, what could I possibly make with those?  Why, a perfect place to rest my feet after a long day at the campground, of course! 
A handy little footstool was in order, upholstered in the same fabric as the sofas in my vintage Airstream travel trailer.  Mind you, my trailer, Ginger as we call her, is in the midst of a major restoration and will not likely be ready to camp in this summer.  But that doesn't stop me from buying or making great things for her!

Don't ask me why, but I was set on three legs instead of four. There is something a little off about a three legged stool and I love that!

I simply cut a circle from a piece of plywood and attached the legs with angle brackets.  I applied several coats of tung oil to the legs to give them a nice warm color.  I then cut a piece of 2" foam the same size as the plywood round.  Covering the foam, I stapled a layer of poly batting to the bottom of the wood.  I cut the top fabric 1" larger than the foam and sewed it to the side fabric with the piping in between.  I pulled the side fabric down tight around the bottom of the wood and stapled it, first folding the edges under to give it a more finished look.  Like anyone is going to be looking at the bottom of the darn thing!   I am a little OCD like that sometimes.  Lastly, I stapled another run of piping around the bottom because I thought it needed a little something more.

 Simon the cat gives his approval.

And here is our Ginger, waiting for her moment of glory.

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure

Friday, February 3, 2012

Anatomy of a Murder

I heard the sad news of Ben Gazzara's passing today.  Whenever I think of Ben I always think of one of my all-time favorite movies--Anatomy of a Murder. 

Based on a novel by John Voelker (pen name Robert Traver), the movie follows the story of Lt. Manion (Ben Gazzara), his wife Laura (Lee Remick) and Paul Biegler (Jimmy Stewart).  The film focuses on the trial of Lt. Manion for the murder of a local tavern owner accused of raping Manion's wife.  Jimmy Stewart portrays the Lawyer hired to defend Ben Gazzara's character.  A young George C. Scott gives a fantastic performance as the "brilliant prosecutor from the big city of Lansing".  Duke Ellington also makes a cameo appearance as band leader Pie-eye, playing a at roadhouse party. 

Filmed in 1959, the subject matter of the movie was quite risque for the day.  There is a lot of dialogue about girdles and panties during the trial scene.

The novel was inspired by the true events of a murder that took place in Big Bay, Michigan.  The case was prosecuted by none other than John Voelker himself. The movie was filmed on scene in the very same courtroom where the actual trial happened in Marquette, MI.  This happens to be the town that I have called home for the last eleven years.  I really enjoy seeing what friends houses, the building I used to work in and of course, our beautiful courthouse looked like in 1959.  Many local folks were used as extras in the movie.  I can only imagine the excitement created by having big stars come to our little town!   

Ben Gazzara

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Suit

Today was the big boss lady's birthday at my work.  In honor of her special day, I wore my ultra-amazing, crime fighting, so fabulous it almost hurts, super suit. 

This suit came to me in the most unpredictable manner.  In all honesty, it really didn't come as a suit at all.

The story, soon to become legend, goes a little like this....

Two years ago on a sunny, summer afternoon, I entered a local clothing resale shop to see if they had anything that piqued my interest.  I found a cute leopard print blazer that fit like a dream.  The price was right and after all, leopard IS my favorite color--SOLD!  I brought my purchase home and into the closet it went without much thought; or wear for that fact.

Fast forward six months--I am visiting my in-laws in Minneapolis for the holidays.  My MIL and I are on the hunt for a light fixture for her foyer.  We stop in to her most favorite resale shop to have a little look-see.  We spot a fantastic light and take a few measurements.  Yep-that's the ticket, it will look great in her foyer!

But wait...What has caught my attention?  On that rack over there.  The one with the 75% off sign.  Why, it's a pair of darling leopard print capri pants. Oh and they're my size!  Ugh-but I am all caught up in the purchase of the light and I don't really feel like trying them on.  And I didn't bring any cash with me.  So I left without the pants.

I thought about those pants all the way back to Michigan.  They were only $5, so if they didn't fit well it would be no big loss.  I called my MIL and asked her to pick them up for me if they were still there the next time she stopped in.  They arrived in my mailbox about a week later.  Yes--I do have a wonderful MIL!

I tried the pants on and was pleasantly surprised by the fit.  I am severely lacking in the butt department so getting pants that fit is sometimes a challenge.  I took off my newly acquired trousers and read the tag for laundering instructions.  Hey, wait a minute, this tag looks oddly familiar.  Hmmmm.... Holy-wa!  Are you kidding me?!  I sprinted to my closet and grabbed my blazer.  A perfect match!!  Who knew?  Now that's serendipity. 

'Til we meet again,
Ms. Adventure